Cottage Cheese for Breakfast


I keep hearing about the health benefits of cottage cheese (protein, calcium, B Complex vitamins etc.), but I don’t like it. I mean, I REALLY don’t like it. It’s a texture thing, or maybe a visual thing, but most likely it’s a taste thing. BUT, I am turning over all kinds of new leaves these days, so I thought I’d give cottage cheese one more chance and just take advantage of those fat burning properties, if nothing else.

Also, I am not usually hungry in the morning, so I need something light (I am trying to change my patterns so I am eating more at breakfast, and less at dinner, but so far with very little luck).

Here is what I came up with, and you know what? It was pretty dang good. And it only took a few quick minutes to prepare, so even better!

I toasted whole grain english muffins (you can use gluten free ones if you like), topped them with cottage cheese, spinach & chia seeds.

Here’s the break down:

Whole grain bread:  Great source of fiber, fights heart disease and assists in weight management (I think this just means that the fiber helps you poop. lol)

Cottage Cheese:  Protein, calcium, B Complex Vitamins, reduces your chance of breast cancer, zinc & other minerals, healthy fat (weight loss).

Spinach:  Keeps eyes healthy, lowers blood pressure, fiber, cancer fighting stuff, iron, calcium, minerals…

Chia Seeds:  Help control hunger (I assume they expand in your stomach?), protien, fiber, antioxidants, calcium.  Can your breakfast do all of that?  I didn’t think so. Add a cup of dandelion tea & you are set!

Total Calories:  About 300.  That can change if you get a low fat cottage cheese, or english muffin. The chia seeds are actually higher in calories than you might think, but the benefits still outweigh the caloric intake.