Paparazzi Jewelry!


I’ve always loved jewelry. Not the super expensive, fancy stuff, but the fun stuff. Stuff I can change each day, with my outfit or my mood. Items that can dress up or dress down any outfit, but always allow me to express myself. So I found a company called Paparazzi. They are constantly updating the items they have, and the best part is… everything is just $5. Nope, not a typo – seriously, just 5 bucks! Everything. And a lot of times, if you buy the necklace, matching earrings are FREE! As I found myself logging on to their website to get my monthly fix, I decided I would just go ahead and become a distributor. So now not only do I get to share all of this FABULOUS jewelry with other women, but I actually get to have a blast and make some extra money at the same time! Too good to be true? It’s not. It’s just for fun, and it’s just $5. So, go see my on-line Paparazzi store and have fun shopping! The usual $20 that you’d drop on costume jewelry at your favorite department store, will now get you four or more items!