Grateful for all of the … Laundry??

There are days when the amount of laundry produced by my household absolutely overwhelms me. Sometimes it gets to the point of tears (especially when the stress is multiplied by the same amount of dirty dishes, toys left on the floor and myriad places to be at once). But then there are those days when I find myself smiling as I fold tiny socks, that I know before too terribly long will be outgrown. I pause and relish in the scent of clean cheer uniforms, soccer jerseys and baseball pants. I may even shed a happy tear as I put away a sweater that has been passed down from kid to kid and memories of holidays and school years that passed to quickly come rushing through.

Having a family to take care of, and children who depend on me is the single greatest blessing of my life. I cannot imagine a larger responsibility nor a more precious gift. God has trusted me with these tiny creatures. His children, mine only for their short time on Earth. He has trusted me with their well-being, their education, their safety and with the job of raising them to be wonderful, loving and productive adults. If a little laundry comes with that, then so-be-it.  Think for a moment about the mothers in less developed countries doing their wash in a dirty creek, or worse! Plenty of moms right here in the United States are doing their laundry in a Laundro-Mat, many of whom had to save up their change just to go to the Laundro-Mat in the first place. Who am I to complain about running a load or two through a designated laundry room in my home, just steps away from a completely stocked fridge, and clean drinking water?  Am I that self-absorbed? Have I completely forgotten how truly wealthy I am (in comparison)?

My laundry room is about 6 feet by 12 feet, and while there is a window and door, there is no air conditioning. It gets warm in there in the summer, and rather chilly in the winter. My machines are anything but new or state-of-the-art. But they are mine, and I have worked hard for them. And I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given in this life that have allowed an income beyond what other’s are even able to dream of. I own a home. It is isn’t fancy, but it is clean, and full of running, laughing, well-fed little hooligans that I can’t imagine my life without.

I am overwhelmingly thankful for my babies, and I am thankful to the good Lord who has given me the amazing job of “mommy”, and I am thankful for the laundry, the dishes, the toys and this entire messy life.