About You

This website is not about me. It’s about YOU. Maybe it’s a little about US. Women, sisters, friends. The drivers, the doers, the let’s get ‘er done’ers. Us women, working together to create a world where we are supported in our passions, working together to create dreams and live the life we were intended to live.

Being fabulous isn’t about money or status. It’s about being authentic. It’s about knowing what you want, understanding your mission in life, and working to achieve it. Every one of us is unique and beautiful and fabulous in our own way. My mission is to help you find your own fabulous, even if it is completely different from mine. Here at 100 Days 2 Fabulous, we support women with an entrepreneurial spirit; women with a mother’s heart; women who seek to serve God; women on a mission to find their own brand of fabulous.